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LLI Orange System (K) Lesson Guides
Irene Fountas, Lesley University, Gay Su Pinnell, The Ohio State University

Heinemann / ISBN 0-325-02707-2 / 978-0-325-02707-4 / 2009 / 480 pp / bundle
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Note: This item is not eligible for Desk/Exam copies.

Product Information

Systematically designed, fast-paced lessons to support both reading and writing development.

The Lesson Guide Volumes 1 & 2, includes all the lessons as well as an introduction to the program that will help you prepare materials you will use throughout the lessons. At end of each 10-lesson sequence, the Guided Reading Continuum for the level provides a set of specific behaviors to notice, teach, and support in your lessons. An introductory Letter to Parents can be printed from the Lesson Resources CD in English or Spanish and sent home.

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