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This website was developed to help you, the college professor, with the text-selection process. To determine which texts best match your course needs, simply select the appropriate course on the left for a list of recommended titles. Click on an individual title to access a full description, complete table of contents, sample chapter, and related books. Complimentary examination copies can be requested by clicking the request desk or exam copy icon or by instantly downloading the ebook. Please note that titles with downloadable examination ebooks are NOT available in hard copy.

When downloading an examination ebook we have found it best for:

New titles

Reading Workshop 2.0: Supporting Readers in the Digital Age
by Frank Serafini

Cultivating Knowledge, Building Language: Literacy Instruction for English Learners in Elementary School
by Nonie K. Lasaux, Julie Russ Harris

Formative Language Assessment for English Learners: A Four-Step Process
by Rita MacDonald, Timothy Boals, Mariana Castro, H. Gary Cook, Todd Lundberg and Paula A. White

Schooling Beyond Measure and Other Unorthodox Essays About Education
by Alfie Kohn

Engaging Every Learner: Classroom Principles, Strategies and Tools
by Patricia Vitale–Reilly

In the Middle, Third Edition: A Lifetime of Learning About Writing, Reading, and Adolescents
by Nancie Atwell

Essential Linguistics, Second Edition: What Teachers Need to Know to Teach ESL, Reading, Spelling, and Grammar
by David E. Freeman and Yvonne Freeman

Minds Made for Stories: How We Really Read and Write Informational and Persuasive Texts
by Thomas Newkirk

The Literacy Teacher's Playbook, Grades K-2: Four Steps for Turning Assessment Data into Goal-Directed Instruction
by Jennifer Serravallo

Learning for Real: Teaching Content and Literacy Across the Curriculum
by Heidi Mills

Paragraphs for Elementary School: A Sentence-Composing Approach
by Don Killgallon and Jenny Killgallon

Teaching Interpretation: Using Text-Based Evidence to Construct Meaning
by Sonja Cherry-Paul and Dana Johansen

Writing Pathways: Performance Assessments and Learning Progressions, Grades K-5
by Lucy Calkins

The Revision Toolbox, Second Edition: Teaching Techniques That Work
by Georgia Heard

An Observation Survey of Early Literacy Achievement, Third Edition
by Marie Clay

The Literacy Teacher's Playbook, Grades 3-6: Four Steps for Turning Assessment Data into Goal-Directed Instruction
by Jennifer Serravallo

Quantity and Quality: Increasing the Volume and Complexity of Students' Reading
by Sandra Wilde

Finding the Heart of Nonfiction: Teaching 7 Essential Craft Tools with Mentor Texts
by Georgia Heard

Self-Directed Writers: The Third Essential Element in the Writing Workshop
by Leah Mermelstein

The Writing Teacher's Troubleshooting Guide
by Lester Laminack and Reba Wadsworth

Putting the Practices Into Action: Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, K-8
by Sue O'Connell and John SanGiovanni

Dual Language Instruction from A to Z: Practical Guidance for Teachers and Administrators
by Else Hamayan, Fred Genesee, and Nancy Cloud

Children Want to Write: Donald Graves and the Revolution in Children's Writing
by Thomas Newkirk and Penny Kittle

What a Writer Needs, Second Edition
by Ralph Fletcher

The Common Core Writing Book, K-5: Lessons for a Range of Tasks, Purposes, and Audiences
by Gretchen Owocki

Genre Connections: Lessons to Launch Literary and Nonfiction Texts
by Tanny McGregor

Supporting English Learners in the Reading Workshop
by Lindsey Moses

Making Sense of Algebra: Developing Students' Mathematical Habits of Mind
by E.Paul Goldenberg, June Mark, Jane M.King, Mary Fries, Cynthia J. Carter and Tracy Cordner

Teaching Science for Understanding in Elementary and Middle Schools
by Wynne Harlen

The Reading Strategies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Readers
by Jennifer Serravallo

I Am Reading: Young Readers Construct Identity and Make Meaning in Any Text
by Kathleen Collins, Matt Glover

Simple Starts: Making the Move to a Reader-Centered Classroom
by Kari Yates

Upstanders How to Engage Middle School Hearts and Minds with Inquiry
by Harvey Daniels, National-Louis University and Sara Ahmed

Core Instructional Routines Go-To Structures for Effective Literacy Teaching, K-5
by Judy Dodge and Andrea Honigsfeld

What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know, Third Edition
by David F. Brown and Trudy Knowles

Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Learning, Second Edition: Teaching Second Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
by Pauline Gibbons

Children's Mathematics, Second Edition: Teaching Second Language Learners in the Mainstream Classroom
by T. Carpenter, E. Fennema, M. Loef Franke, L. Levi and S. Empson

Science Notebooks, Second Edition: Writing About Inquiry
by Lori Fulton and Brian Campbell

Thrive: 5 Ways to (Re)Invigorate Your Teaching
by Meenoo Rami

Common Core Reading Book, 6-8: Lessons for Increasingly Complex Literature, Informational Texts, and Content-Area Reading
by Gretchen Owocki

Subjects Matter, Second Edition: Exceeding Standards Through Powerful Content-Area Reading
by Harvey Daniels and Steven Zemelman

Powerful Problem Solving: Activities for Sense Making with the Mathematical Practices
by Max Ray

Common Core, Unit by Unit: 5 Critical Moves for Implementing the Reading Standards Across the Curriculum
by Cheryl Dobbertin

Falling in Love with Close Reading: Lessons for Analyzing Texts--and Life
by Christopher Lehman and Kate Roberts

Fearless Writing: Multigenre to Motivate and Inspire
by Tom Romano

Finding Joy in Teaching Students of Diverse Backgrounds: Culturally Responsive and Socially Just Practices in U.S. Classrooms
by Sonia Nieto

Agents of Change: How Content Coaching Transforms Teaching and Learning
by Lucy West and Antonia Cameron

STEM Lesson Essentials, Grades 3-8: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
by Jo Anne Vasquez, Michael Comer, and Cary Sneider

From Ideas to Words: Writing Strategies for English Language Learners
by Tasha Tropp Laman

Crafting Digital Writing: Composing Texts Across Media and Genres
by Troy Hicks

Closer Readings of the Common Core: Asking Big Questions About the English/Language Arts Standards
by Patrick Shannon

Texts and Lessons for Teaching Literature
by Harvey Daniels and Nancy Steineke

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